Case Studies

These case studies explore a selection of the processes used, and products made here in Scotland:

Alex Begg – luxury weaving company based in Ayrshire

Don and Low – technical textile company based in Forfar

Schofield Dyers and Finishers – dyeing and finishing company based in Galashiels

Scottish Leather Group – leather manufacturers based in the West of Scotland

Tots Bots – reusable nappy manufacturers based in Glasgow

Trakke– bag maker based in Glasgow


Sustainability and Circular Economy Pilot

Please find below a series of resources for your use during the pilot:

Trakke Case Study: mw_trakke_case_study

Trakke Activities Sheet: mw-trakke-activities


Skills Sheets – link skills used in activities to job roles in textiles, leather & fashion

mw_design_creativity  /  mw_hand_skills  /  mw_looking_perception  /  mw_measuring  /  mw_teamwork


Pupil Project Diary:  mw_workbook 

– in word format to enable you to edit if required

Fashion Revolution – a series of lesson plans & resources for learning that can be used in the classroom, just sign up to gain access:

Love Your Clothes – practical tips and resources to help students care & repair their clothes and understand sustainability in relation to textiles:

STAG/SZWS Circular Economy Lecture Archive – a series of lectures delivered in Scotland on circular economy in relation to textiles, most suitable for S4/S5 upwards

Open Lecture 1: Design for Disassembly

Open Lecture 2: Made-by Presentation & Nike Making app

Open Lecture 3: Dyeing Technologies for the Circular Economy

Open Lecture 4: Designing Product Speeds Podcast

Open Lecture 5: Zero Waste Pattern Design Podcast